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Who we are

Digit sparks innovation that moves our customers and industry forward – by actively engaging in innovative Technics to ensure our customers are always satisfied with our services.

Experts in vehicle tracking, fleet and fuel monitoring

We are the fastest growing tracking company in the region.

Why choose us

What Makes Us Different

  • We care
  • Eager to help
  • Performance driven
Why customers love us

We care

Through listening, engaging communication, networking with our customers. We care enough for their needs and help them get what they need. We are always ready to answer your questions.Our services



Why customers love us

We are eager to help

We believe that listening to our clients and solving their challenges is one way of serving the community. In a way we do make the community a better place. Our services

Why customers love us

Performance driven

We follow up on every project after 24 hours to check on the impact our system is making to your productivity. The detailed reports give an extensive measure of accuracy and we never miss any relevant detail in that matter.Our services

Happy Clients

In a span of 5 Years

Devices Installed

All over Uganda

Daily reports

Exclusively Detailed

Recorded Incidents

99.9% Success rate

More about us

  • MissionTo partner & provide genuine Tracking solutions and services while serving an all inclusive market
  • VisionTo be a champion of the tracking technology ecosystem for a safe, local & international community

Core Values:

Customer centricity




We can be your great business partner and help you grow strongly.