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Fuel Monitoring

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Fuel Monitoring

By using advanced technology designed to track real time fuel level, consumption, refilling and downfall to optimize fuel efficiency and prevent drainage and fraudulent activities minimizing expenses on fuel which contributes to more than 60% of the operating costs in most companies. 

Our system gives reports to exactly calculate the miles traveled by the fleet and amount of fuel consumed by them which in turn prevents all sorts of fuel thefts and misuse.

  1. A tracking unit is installed in the asset of the client. Vehicle ignition status(on/off), Real time Location, Current speed, etc. is all gathered into a single transmission data and transmitted directly to our Control Center using the widely available GSM Network.
  2. The Control Center receives the data sent from the tracking device,The Control Center software uses this data to identify the transmitting unit(s) details, locations and maps.
  3. The web server receives information from the Central Control Application which is equipped with powerful map engine and a map server. It translates the data and displays on the map with different status of the vehicle. 


Fleet Management & Fuel Monitoring

Fleet management software can help fleet managers gain real-time visibility into their operations while increasing driver satisfaction and decreasing fuel usage through predictive analytics and accurate reporting.


Detailed Overall Reports

Real Time Visual Tracking

24/7 Support

Asset Tracking

Improving the usage and security of valuable items. Additionally, routine physical audits are mandated by auditors to ensure that finance departments can verify the existence of assets that are listed on the balance sheet. 

Independent power source

Proximity sensors

Always on and remote wake mode

Axle Load Sensors

Avoid breakdowns, optimize cargo loading and stop paying fines for exceeding maximum axle load

Remote Monitoring


SOS Feature

DVT Cameras

It has been shown and reported that fitting in-cab cameras has a strong positive effect on driver behavior, eliminating the bad habits that can cause accidents and therefore making the fleet safer.

Remote Monitoring

Automatic Incident video surveillance

Inbuilt night vision

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We hire reputable and highly experienced staff. 

We respond as quickly as possible. we treat every request as time sensitive. Our greatest interactions has always begun with knowing our customers’ wants and needs.

Our well trained technical team always ensure that your tracker is secure, safe, and able to detect a GPS signal.  Considering both covertness and signal strength.

Technical service is available around the clock should you need any additional support. However, our system is fully detailed with nearly less than 1% additional assistance requests.


Confidentiality is key and we always advise and train our clients on the best security practices to safe guard their logins to our system.

  • Easy to use platforms Our platforms have a fully detailed user interface and easy to use
  • Secure Systems Our system is secure with top of the line smart security features.
  • 99.9% Accuracy We don't believe in compromise, it's our mandate to deliver 100%

We can be your great business partner and help you grow strongly.