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Livestock Tracking

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Use Real-Time Visibility to Keep Animals Happy, Healthy and Productive

The agricultural industry faces strains from a volatile market, accelerating demand to feed a growing global population and evolving health, safety and environmental concerns. This has made keeping livestock healthy and productive a key to business continuation, success and a sustainable future.

To address these challenges and meet emerging regulatory requirements, farmers are increasingly seeking RFID technologies capable of delivering timely insights for each and every member of their herd.

Digit’s real-time location technology enables you to correlate animal location and movement with health status. Create real-time visibility to enable 24/7 health and behavior monitoring for cattle, sheep, and other animals on your farm. With real-time location you can automate detection of potential health issues for more proactive prevention and treatment, allowing for healthier and more profitable outcomes.

  1. Precisely track each individual animal and overall heard
  2. Use location to analyze activity, health, heat and rumination
  3. Power real-time health warnings, inactivity alerts, and more
  4. Detect unusual behavior and potential illness
  5. Geofencing for real-time alerts & event detection
  6. Scalable to track thousands of animals indoors and out

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We hire reputable and highly experienced staff. 

We respond as quickly as possible. we treat every request as time sensitive. Our greatest interactions has always begun with knowing our customers’ wants and needs.

Our well trained technical team always ensure that your tracker is secure, safe, and able to detect a GPS signal.  Considering both covertness and signal strength.

Technical service is available around the clock should you need any additional support. However, our system is fully detailed with nearly less than 1% additional assistance requests.


Confidentiality is key and we always advise and train our clients on the best security practices to safe guard their logins to our system.

  • Easy to use platforms Our platforms have a fully detailed user interface and easy to use
  • Secure Systems Our system is secure with top of the line smart security features.
  • 99.9% Accuracy We don't believe in compromise, it's our mandate to deliver 100%