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Why you need a tracking system

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It’s the end of the day, you’re preparing to leave the office, and the phone rings. There’s an angry caller on the other end of the line. It seems one of your company trucks turned around in a parking lot, clipped the caller’s car, and kept going.

According to the caller, the truck caused millions in damages. The crew supervisor states that no employee traveled anywhere near the address in question. But the caller is persistent. They have the name of the company, a driver description, a plate number, and a witness.


What next?

If you had our fleet management system, you could check your records. Then you would know beyond doubt that the supervisor’s story who insists that NO vehicle in the fleet traveled within two miles of the alleged accident scene, checks out or NOT. The police get notified, and not surprisingly, there have been reports of similar scams across the county. Disaster avoided. Case closed.

If You Didn’t Have a GPS Tracking System?

Ultimately the scammer might have been exposed. Up to that point, however, significant time and resources could have been wasted. Throw in some legal fees, and it’s a full-fledged costly nightmare, that should have been avoided.

Can You Afford Not to Use Vehicle Tracking?

If you’re still unsure about vehicle tracking, It’s not just con artists you need to worry about. Even the actions of respected employees could take a significant toll on your bottom line.

Consider the case of a hypothetical employee, Denis.

Twice a week, Denis uses your pickup truck to load and deliver mulch to a personal client base he’s developed over time. Denis is, by all accounts, a good employee. Nobody misses him for the four hours per week he spends running a side job. What you’re missing is more than UGX7,000,000 in annual wages you’ve paid to Denis while he does his own thing.

Your problems don’t stop at side jobs.

Employees who take vehicles home might be knocking off an hour early. Three or four workers take hour-long lunches when you only allow a 30-minute break. Add up time wasted, and you get the picture. You’ve lost a lot of money — not the position you want to be in if we head into a recession.

Wages aren’t the only issue, and those lost Shillings may pale in comparison to other situations. Speeding and reckless driving put your company at a greater risk. Monetary damages extending from an accident involving property damage, serious injury, or death could spell the end of your business. Sure, you have insurance but serious claims can exceed your limits of liability and put your business assets at risk.

Your Reasons Not to Use a GPS Tracking System

GPS tracking systems can give you peace of mind and some insulation from any of these potential scenarios. You might still have some doubts. Your concerns are valid but may deserve revisiting.

“It’s hard to find good employees. I don’t want to lose them.”

You don’t want to lose your business, either. Inevitably, within employer groups, there will be a few workers who take advantage of your trust. Deploying GPS trackers may force out the dishonest workers and help you run a tighter, more profitable business.

“I know my employees. They’d never do that to me.”

Over the years it has been revealed that almost one-third of employees commit some type of theft on the job. Of course, you’d like to think otherwise, but you’re probably not immune to this phenomenon.

“Technology is pricey. We can’t afford it.”

It’s a common misconception. Tracking systems from companies such as Digit Vehicle Tracking are inexpensive, with a monthly cost equaling about 3 or 5 gallons of fuel. Compared to what may be potentially going out the door, can you afford not to use a GPS tracking system?

“I hate long-term contracts. What if things don’t work out?”

Digit Vehicle Tracking has no monthly contracts. Cancel or suspend any vehicle anytime, with no hidden fees or penalties.


Change can be tricky, especially when the process is new but since it protects your business assets, take some time to discover how Digit Vehicle Tracking can offer you peace of mind.

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